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LeBron James reunites with former Cleveland Cavalier teammate Tristan Thompson as Los Angeles Lakers make a return to Staple Centre

LeBron James reunites with former teammate as Los Angeles Lakers lose another

LeBron James and Tristan Thompson

After a dramatic road trip, the Los Angeles Lakers are finally back to the Staples Centre. The team took on the hyped up Boston Celtics in their recent game and lost. Once again, Los Angeles Lakers went in without LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Andre Drummond today due to injuries. The injury scare has hit the team very bad this year. More importantly, the team has been losing a lot of games just prior to the start of post-game matches. Despite the loss, LeBron James reunited with his former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Tristan Thompson. Both the players shared a special moment after the match.


The Celtics sealed the game at 121-113 by the end. As the Los Angeles Lakers went in without their latest signing Drummond, it was a bit difficult to get the rebounds with Thompson on the other end. Kyle Kuzma, Marc Gasol, Ben McLemore and Montrezl Harrell went for double figure scoring. A special night for Talen Horton-Tucker with his great offensive skills and 19 points against his name. However, Jaylen Brown’s dominating performance overshadowed the Lakers. Brown registered 40-points and 9 rebounds while shooting17-20 from the field. He had a whopping 85% shooting accuracy while all starters were handy in supporting the maiden All-Star.

LeBron James and Tristan Thompson share a special moment

LeBron James has been a player who has never missed any game despite his injuries. He has always backed the team on the bench. Both the teams saw many similar faces on the opposite ends. After the successful game, Celtic’s entre Tristan Thompson was seen sharing a special moment with former teammate LeBron James. Both of them were part of the 2016 infamous championship run at Cleveland. Thompson was one of the reasons the Cavs could make a comeback in 2016 finals game despite being down by 3-1 in the 7 match series. Thompson landed at Celtics after his trade for Daniel Theism and has proved his point in the Celtics squad.


The Los Angeles Lakers are having a tough time gathering their flaws. It is high time they start winning games back. Their inconsistency might land them lower than #6 position in the conference and they will have to play the play-in format games. However, Davis’ return soon is a promising update while Bron’s unsure timeline has gathered a cloud of confusion all-around.

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