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Ludwig loses thousands of subscribers over his method of eating Pizza within minutes!

Ludwig lost subs after revealing to his audience how he ate his pizzas! Read More Here!

Ludwig Ahgren, the YouTube superstar recently opened op to his audience about how he eats Pizza and people were NOT happy about it. So much so that it actually led his viewers to unsubscribe!

Ludwig, on his stream, opened up to his viewers by telling them how he liked eating his pizza and why he actually liked it that way stating that it gave him a certain tanginess that he liked.

Ludwig loses subs over his eating methods!

Ludwig‘s galactic rise to stardom happened back when he used to stream on the amazon owned streaming platform, Twitch, when he hosted a 31 day subathon.

After signing an exclusivity deal with YouTube Gaming however, he has slowly been rebuilding his kingdom in a different land where he has amassed close to 3 million subscribers.


Even though Ahgren had been looking forward to hitting the 3 million milestone, it was unfortunate for him when he revealed to the public his methodology of eating pizza.

Apparently, everyone’s favorite YouTuber who also got a cat recently by the way, likes to eat his pizzas using a fork and knife. Quoting that he “likes the taste of pizza with metal better” and we’re as confused as you are.

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Describing his liking further, he said “I cannot describe why this is a thing but the metal adds, like, a tanginess to it” followed by him making clinking noises that metals make to describe the way he felt when he ate pizza using a knife and fork.

Ludwig loses subscribers over his revelation of how he eats pizza

This action of his led his viewers into a spur of the moment unsubscribing marathon where they were all persistent to unsub to the creator because of his revelation related to his eating habit pertaining to pizza.

“Why are you guys unsubscribing? Why are you guys unsubscribing? Why the f- We are SO close to 3 million” He said in frustration as people continued to unsubscribe to the beloved creator over his silly little eating habit.

Ludwig winning Streamer of the Year

Ludwig lost about 1500 subscribers within the minute after which he was asked by his chat to then order a pizza and eat it the regular way without a knife or fork or else they’d continue unsubscribing.

The streamer finally caved in saying Fine, fine I’ll eat a pizza,” and continued to order a pizza online on stream for the same.

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