Ludwig reveals he got a DM from CrazySlick asking for financial help following s*xual assault controversy

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Ludwig reveals he owes money to CrazySlick

The past month has been crazy for Twitch viewers due to the number of controversies popping up on the platform. Of them, the CrazySlick s*xual assault controversy raised quite the stir among Twitch stars. On the latest episode of his podcast, The Yard, Ludwig revealed that he had received a DM from CrazySlick, asking for financial support following his s*xual assault allegation.

CrazySlick Ludwig
CrazySlick has been accused of s*xual assault by Adrianah Lee

Naturally, this elicited a surprised reaction from others on the podcast, as Ludwig said he owed money to the streamer from a previous event.

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Ludwig reveals he owes money to CrazySlick

On a recent episode of the podcast, The Yard, conversations took a turn towards CrazySlick. CrazySlick has been making the news a lot lately, ever since accusations surfaced about him allegedly having sexually assaulted popular streamer and TikTok star, Adrianah Lee. Since then, Slick got evicted from Mizkif’s house. Now, Ludwig stated on The Yard podcast that he had received a DM from CrazySlick, asking him for financial help.

During the course of the conversation, Ludwig revealed that he owed money from the Multiverse tournament to CrazySlick. He stated that the streamer had reached out to him asking for financial help after being evicted from Mizkif’s house following the accusations.

“Speaking of proof you have something to do too, you haven’t been doing your job. We need to do payouts for Multiverses and I got a DM from CrazySlick and he said “I think I’m going to go broke and need money, and I am owed from this tournament you ran.”

Readers can watch the exchange from 1:10:50 on the following clip.

While the YouTuber did not reveal the amount of money that he owed CrazySlick, he mentioned that they would pay the outstanding amount. Speaking of this, he had the following to say:

Although I do not agree with the actions he did, I also owe him money and I think it’s wrong to not pay out. This is a real DM. It was after the thing. Not like right after, it wasn’t like it came out and he was “yo, collecting a bag so he can go to Cancun” but it was like this past week.

The event in question here is the Multiverse tournament that was held back in August 2022.

The CrazySlick-Adrianah Lee controversy has had adverse effects on many streamers

The CrazySlick Adrianah Lee controversy sparked off when TrainwrecksTV accused Mizkif of aiding Slick hide his assault by protecting him. Adrianah Lee confirmed these accusations, leading to Mizkif’s from his organization, One True King, till further investigation.

Following this, Maya Higa also came forward with her statement. While she stated that she did not ask Adrianah Lee to remain quiet about her story, she admitted to her mistake of inserting herself in a position that did not require it. She has since taken an indefinite break from Twitch and has not mentioned when she will return.

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