Madhumita expects Saina to bounce back: Reports


On Thursday, Eight-time national champion and seasoned coach Madhumita Bisht who has been associated with Indian badminton for over four decades in various capacities, said: “This is a very good time for our players to get fully fit and recover from all injuries, aches and pain.” She strongly feels that it’s a good time for all the players and Indian badminton will gain from the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics due to the COVID 19 pandemic situation across the world.

According to her point of view some of the players are dealing with some niggle or the other. “Yes, it is frustrating for any athlete to be confined to rooms. In the case of professional athletes, it is even more frustrating. They are used to hectic training and the routine and pace is a different level. However, now is the time for players to focus more on fitness and come out stronger,” said Madhumita.

Madhumita Bisht is a seasoned campaigner in Uber Cup and she has represented India in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, she has traveled with the Indian team abroad and also been part of the pro-League.

“I am a very positive person by nature, so , my advice is deal with the situation in a positive way. When you play a badminton match on court, you know who your opponent is and how to beat him or her. Now, you are battling the Coronavirus and you do not know who or where it is. The best to fight stress and frustration is to do meditation and yoga, and that will really help,” she said in a statement.

Madhumita says players are lucky that they have many more things in these days to stay occupied.”I know you cannot do weight training easily at home or practise the speed drills on court. However, as the next tournament cycle is far away and to be decided by the BWF, why hurry. Since the Olympics have been postponed, I feel all the players will get enough time to be fully fit at home. There is absolutely no point in fretting over things beyond our control,” added Madhumita.

Her badminton academy has also been shut due to lockdown and she feels the absence of playing sports. She has given the advice to all the athletes is to happy and are still alive and healthy. “We have never seen a pandemic like this before, so wait for it to get over. Patience will be rewarded and playing the sport can again become a joy,” she concluded.


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