Making mistakes is not a luxury available to those who are the best: Coach on Serena’s 2018 US Open outburst

Patrick Mouratoglou, coach of Serena Williams opened up about Serena's outburst at 2018 US Open final and said that making mistakes is not a luxury for champions in the Netflix documentary titled, The Playbook.

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The 2018 US Open Women’s final had all the drama. Naomi Osaka defeated the home favourite Serena Williams in straight sets to lift her maiden Grandslam title. However, the headline moment of the night was Serena Williams’ outburst during the final and argument with the chair umpire Carlos Ramos.

Serena Williams coach, Patrick Mouratoglou spoke about the events at the 2018 US Open final in the Netflix documentary titled, ‘The Playbook.’

Mouratoglou spoke about what is expected from champions and how making mistakes is not a luxury available to them.

Mouratoglou said, “In tennis people want people to be perfect and especially for the champions because the champions have no right to make a mistake. They are immediately pointed out, judged. It’s painful. But sometimes you have to accept to go through really painful moments because you know there is no other choice.”

Mouratoglou also spoke about the importance of failure and frustration in an athlete’s life and how it shapes them to be a better person. He saw the positive side of making mistakes and said, “Failure and frustration are two of the best thing that can happen to you if you handle them the right way. And then you are gonna learn. We learn by making mistakes. Of course, it’s very difficult, but that’s not what defines you.”

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Serena Williams outburst at the US Open 2018 finals

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Serena Williams

Serena Williams, in the US Open 2018 final was given a code violation after the chair umpire, Ramos saw a hand gesture from, Patrick Mouratoglou which he interpreted as coaching and penalized Williams for the same.

Later during the game, the chair umpire docked Williams a point after she broke her racket during the game. Serena lost her cool and started calling the chair umpire, Ramos a liar and demanded an apology from him. However, Ramos docked Serena an entire game during a crucial point in the game.

Later, Mouratoglou accepted that he coached Serena during the game saying that, “I am honest I was coaching I don’t think she looked at me that’s why she didn’t think I was. She is in a match she shouldn’t have to think about that and she should be able to express her emotions. She is human.”

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Serena Williams consoles Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka’s special night was marred by this controversial incident as the crowd at Arthur Ashe stadium began to boo Naomi Osaka. In the trophy presentation ceremony when Osaka broke down in tears, Serena Williams urged the crowd to stop booing and applaud the Japanese on her incredible first Grandslam title.

Looking in hindsight, Williams would certainly not approve herself of her actions that night but however, mistakes are a part of an athlete’s life. Serena continues to remain one of the greatest and most influential female sportspersons in recent decade.

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