Man should now learn to respect nature and not tinker with it: Shuttler Sameer Verma


Currently, The world is under a complete lockdown, all onus to the Coronavirus Pandemic, which has now affected more than 24 Lakh people around the globe.

However, Indian shuttler Sameer Verma has expressed his thoughts about the crisis and how mankind will have to bring in some changes so that we will not face such a situation again. He said, “The unprecedented health crisis, triggered by COVID-19, is perhaps a stark reminder that man should now learn to respect nature and not tinker with it.”

He added, “We have been running after materialistic things for so many years now and this lockdown period, whatever is happening globally at the moment, it has taught us a lot that we shouldn’t tinker with nature. I hope after the crisis is over, it will change people’s outlook towards things. We should not do anything that harms nature.”

He revealed that after 14 years, he is spending so much time at home. Sameer felt that this pandemic is helping us to fix our mental condition and this is good enough to regain match fitness after normalcy return.

Badminton World Federation (BWF) suspended all the tournaments till the end of July. Across the world, all the borders are shut.

“It is an opportunity for everyone to analyze their own game and work on them. When we play, there are moments where we have been mentally weak, so during this time, you can rectify that and come out mentally stronger. I think it is a good time to work on mental strength,” Sameer said.

“This break brings everyone at same level. If someone was playing well then his rhythm will be broken and someone who was not in form, it gives a chance to regain that.” He added.

The Tokyo Olympics has also been postponed till the next year. It will now be held in August 2021.

On this postponement, Sameer said, “When things become normal, I don’t think people will straight away run after tournaments. It is the same situation for everybody right now, so at least players will train for at least six weeks before turning up for a tournament.”

Sameer has won three tournaments in 2018 but he stepped back because of a shoulder injury.

Reportedly, In India, the coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 17,000 people and it has killed more than 500 of them. India is under complete lockdown till 3rd May. Earlier, the lockdown was till 14th April but due to the increasing cases of coronavirus, it has been extended. Right now, India is on stage two and the situation is under control according to WHO.

Globally, the situation is more worst, as around 24,15,384 people have been affected and 1,65,196 people have died.


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