Manchester United Send Players Meditation Videos To Stay Positive


Manchester United have sent meditation-videos and mental health blogs to players in the bid to help them stay positive through this tough time, The Times reported on Friday.

Players have also been instructed on how to supervise with children being at home, when schools have closed and also encouraged to take up an Open University course on nutrition and healthy eating.

Players had been sent a package of resources in which they can opt-to, said by Steve McNally, the Premier League club’s first-team doctor.

“We thought about this as we knew we were going to go into lockdown, and we put together a package for them that gave them a number of resources they can tap into if they want it,” McNally told the club’s website.

“We’ve not been heavy on trying to analyse them every day and get them too preoccupied with those things. We want positivity. We don’t them want them to feel as though they should be having mental health issues,” he added.

First-team coach Kieran McKenna said that it is important for players to feel a sense of connection through social media during the lockdown.

I think they’re getting that in a lot of different ways, be that through the different social media avenues, or I’ve tried to ring quite a few — especially a few of the younger boys,” McKenna said.

Mikel Arteta along with manager Arsenal also asserted that United are not alone in focussing on the mental health of their players to the club psychologist has been in continuous touch with the team to devote help.

More than 2.7 million people globally infected and 189,900 deaths have caused due to the virus while professional soccer in England has been cancelled since March 13.


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