Marc Andre Ter Stegen Utilising Quality Time In Lockdown With Family


Germany and Barcelona star Goalkeeper Marc Andre Ter Stegen said on a Barcelona club video that he is utilising his lockdown period with his family.

The 27 year old former Borussia Monchengladbach star and wife Daniela became parents in the month of December. Due to Coronavirus pandemic, he is spending far longer time at home than he imagined.

“In every negative situation, like the coronavirus pandemic, there are positives. We can be with our families and especially now, as he is growing so fast. It’s nice to be with him. In the beginning, it was challenging because of the lack of sleep. We had to find a way to do it and now Dani and I are doing very well,” Ter Stegen said in a Barcelona club video.

“Normally it’s Dani, but now that I am at home and I can make my own schedule, she made me as well,” he added.

As we are witnessing all the sports action across the world had been halted and there is no sure indication of when it will resume again again. The stars of Barcelona Ter Stegen to Lionel Messi all are forced to stay and train at home.

“I am good, my family is doing good. We are at home as everybody should be and trying to spend some time together, trying to make things a bit easier even though it’s not a fun situation,” Ter Stegen said.


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