Mari Osaka writes her two times Grand Slam champion Naomi a letter

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The Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka has enjoyed a lot of success since 2018. Last year she won 2 Grand slam titles and in 2020 became the highest paid athlete. 

On Naomi’s rising success, Mari Osaka who is Naomi’s sister, wrote her a letter expressing her happiness. The letter expressed Mari’s happiness over Naomi making her dreams come true. However, Mari Oasaka expressing her sadness  wrote, “I’m not with you as much as I would like, and I don’t always get to be there for these big wins.” Mari further wrote that though she can’t give her advice about tennis but she feels happy when Naomi calls her before big matches.

Mari seemed nostalgic about her childhood. She wrote that they would play sets every single day. She wrote, “Since I’m the older sister, I always won. But you never gave up. Every single day you said, ‘I am going to beat you tomorrow,’ without your spirit going down.”

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Mari further wrote that Naomi did beat her several times. Although she did not like it, Mari wrote she will beat her next time.

For now, Naomi is training extremely hard  for the upcoming events as the World Tennis Association (WTA) has released a tight schedule for the remaining events. She said that she has to give her best.

Naomi is hungry for a title now as she has not won a single Major title since the 2019 Australian Open.Mari is hoping that she will win her next title soon.

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