“That’s something”: Mario Chalmers reacts to getting names along Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson

Mario Chalmers comments on being portrayed with MJ and Magic

mario chalmers and michael jordan

There are very less players who establish themselves even before coming to the NBA. Mario Chalmers is one such player who was hyped during his college days. While playing at University of Kansas, Mario Chalmers created a name winning the 2008 NCAA championship. This was the reason, big franchise like Miami Heat vouched in for the youngster. Sharing his season along LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, Mario Chalmers got the opportunity of getting his hands on the title twice in a row. Being around best players was a reason, the youngster Mario Chalmers could grow better. He was put on same pedestal with big names like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson during this time.

Mario Chalmers joined the Miami Heat in 2008 and became a greater part of the organization. He built his career steadily before the big 3 came in for the team. In fact, Mario Chalmers’s win was huge turning point in his career. However, the young guard was bullied a lot by senior players like LeBron and Bosh. When he was asked how it felt to be champion at every stage, Mario Chalmers said, “I am not going to lie. It never really hit me until people brought it up,” he said. “Like,’ You won on every level’. And then I would be like, ‘I did win on every level.’ I don’t be thinking like that. I just won an NBA championship, and nothing really matters right now.”

Mario Calmers put along Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson

Mario Chalmers had early success in his career. After playing at an elite level, he was soon put along Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson in certain comparison. Mario reacted to it expressing, “I have been waiting for this moment since I was four years old. I had seen Jordan holding up trophies. So, I want to hold up the trophy too. After doing that, I started to hear like, ‘You won on every level. You up there with other names like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnsons… that’s something.”

Mario Chalmers takes pride in being a part of champion clubs. Even his role had significantly increased in handing them victories. He added, “You can’t take it away. No matter whatever you say about me. I did win, and I did not leave a mark for every team I played for. That’s something that a lot of people can’t say.” Although Mario Chalmers has a little bit favour of luck, but one can’t say his success came completely out of luck.

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