Mark Henry Shared his Life Journey and remembers Mae Young

Mark Henry Shared his Life Journey and remembers Mae Young

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The image of Mark Henry is among the baddest guys for all the fans of WWE and especially this generation.

His aim is to harm people and destroy them in the match. Earlier he was with WWE star Mae Young. She got pregnant by Mark.

“I’m a clown man, I still pick on Vince, are you ever going to tell me what the deal was with the hand? And he just starts laughing it’s a hand.
“Welcome to the world of pro wrestling, everything doesn’t make sense but entertaining as hell. All this time I didn’t know what was the plan but I was just curious why a hand and Vince every time burst out laughing whenever I ask him.” said Mark in an interview with Chris Van Vilet.

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Mark participated in Olympics for his country and he is a 2 time World Champion and European Champion. In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Mark shared his carrier and the greatest moments of his life.

“OO Sexual chocolate, like during the beginning that was so much fun I got to go out and make a fool out of myself and play with the ladies in the crowd. It didn’t matter if I lost that night, the whole point was to entertain people and make people laugh.”

“I am a comedy guy, I have done a couple of stand-ups. I like to watch people laugh, I like seeing people enjoy themselves and that was my chance to do that,” he said.

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