Maro vs Jota Who Is Best In Free Fire Clash Squad Mode?

Free Fire recently introduced a new character Maro in the game recently. Maro ability looks like it can be very useful in the clash squad mode. Here we will discuss who is best in free fire Maro vs Jota for clash squad mode.

maro vs jota
Maro vs Jota Who Is Best In Free Fire

Free Fire has has a huge roster of unique characters which have unique skills to help the players on the battlefields. Maro is the latest addition to the free fire roster and he was introduced in the game with the OB27 update.

Because of his skill Jota is one of the most sought after character in the game as it offers unique buffs. Here we will compare the ability of Maro vs Jota to check who is best in Free Fire clash squad mode.

Maro (Falcon Fervor)

Maro character in Free Fire
Maro Ability

According to his in-game biography, Maro is falconer who loves bowhunting and his skill revolves around his hobby. He additionally has a passive potential named “Falcon Fervor“. He prefers being accompanied by animals over humans.

  • At its base level (level 1), the ability will increase damage over distance by as much as 5%. Moreover, it helps players to enhance damage inflicted on marked enemies by 1%.
  • At the highest level Maro ability “Falcon Fervor”, the damage over distance will increase by 25%, whereas damage dealt on marked opponents will increase by 3.5 %.

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Jota (Sustained Raids)

DJ Alok vs Jota In Free Fire
Jota Ability

As per Jota’s in-game description reads, he is a parkour expert and stuntman who has a primary level passive ability called “Sustained Raids“.

  • Jota abitliy Sustained Raids will give you 25HP for every kill at the base level you get while using an SMG or shotgun with a cooldown of 5 seconds. 
  • When fully upgraded, players will gain 40HP for every kill with a shotgun or SMG with a 5 second cooldown. This character just might be for you if you are love using SMGs and Shotguns.

Maro vs Jota Who Is Best In Free Fire

Maro vs Jota Who Is Best In Free Fire

In ability comparison of Maro vs Jota the winner can only be one. Although both characters have a nice skill to use in the free fire clash squad mode. Maro ability is that the damage increases as per the distance increases in the game and deals increased damage to marked enemies.

Whereas, Jota has this unique ability of awarding HP on each kill with shotguns and SMG’s. In the clash squad mode where most of the fight takes place in close quarters usage of SMG’s and shotguns increases. Thus, Jota’s skill can be more useful in clash squad andclearly passes out in Maro in the Maro vs Jota who is best in Free Fire clash squad.

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