Masvidal biggest fight might take place between him and McGregor if he wins UFC251


The fight between Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman has finally been made official with yesterday’s faceoff between the two. Since there is a lot of bad blood between the two, the fight is going to be very interesting. But there are chances that another fight might become the biggest in the UFC history. We are talking about fight between Jorge Masvidal and Conor McGregor, if the fight takes place.

But ‘Masvidal’ has to defeat Kamaru Usman first at UFC 251. If the Nigerian Nightmare wins, he will join Georges St Pierie to have a 12 fight winning streak in the Welterweight division. But if Masvidal is able to defeat Usman, it might pave the way for the biggest fight ever in the history of UFC.

Though Masvidal has gained a lot of popularity, he is get to land his hand on a UFC title. Now as he has accepted the fight against Usman, he has the chance to get his title breakthrough. Besides, Jorge Masvidal has already threatened Usman in the faceoff between the two.

But beating Usman is not an easy task. Usman is a star player. However, if he gets over Usman he can see an incredible rise in his career.

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Jorge has already said that if he wins the title, he would like to fight Nate Diaz and Stephen Thompson. Although the fight between these will also be interesting to see, the fight with Con or McGregor will have a lot of potential.

Even though McGregor has retired, he can still come back if he gets the right opponent and the best price. Now if Masvidal is able to win the Welterweight Championship, he is definitely going to get the Notorious One’s attention.If the fight between the two takes place, it will be as bigger as McGregor’s fight with Eagle.

The fight will be a real win for the fans. The will be remembered forever in the history of UFC. The duo are the best strikers in UFC at this moment and the faceoff between the two will grab multitude of attention. But as said Masvidal will have to get over Usman first to step into the history books.

Besides that if Gamebred defeats Usman, UFC will not hesitate a bit while booking the fight between Masvidal and McGregor.

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