Masvidal sends a warning to Kamaru Usman saying “he has crossed the line”

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Both the fighters have reached the fight island, and Masvidal had a little more than 24 hours to weight exactly 170 pounds to make his fight at the UFC 251 Official.

Gamebred is confident of shedding the weight ahead of fight with Usman and talking to MMA Junkie, revealed that most fights are just business. Masdival quoted,“Like I said in the Askren fight, before and after. It’s never personal, it’s always business and there’s just people that I probably don’t get along with too well with.”

But also added that this fight might be one of those fights which the fighters take personal rather than something that is their job. ‘Gamebred’ said, “But Usman for a fact has crossed lines that no other competitor that I’ve fought have talked about. He’s talked about things he’s going to do to my bthole. Which I don’t understand why he’s talking about my bthole.”

The BMF Champion continued, “He’s talking about my ethnicity, whether I’m this or that. He’s telling people that I’m saying I’m God, he can’t find the video or a twitter thing, nothing saying that I said I’m God.” In his fight with Askren, Gamebred was seen nailing the opponent with a knee and rained a storm of punches within a few second and promised to reserve the same treatment for Usman.

He said, “So this guy’s just doing a lot of things that are gonna cause him to get hurt in a very violent way. If the referee trips on the way to stopping me I get to get a couple extra extra punches, I wouldn’t mind.” When asked whether this special treat of punches is really necessary, Gamebred cheekily responded with, “They’re going to be a little more than the super necessary punches. It’s going to be something special.”

He concluded with, “I’m gonna have to go to my fast forward speed. And totally send this guy to another planet.” Masvidal and Usman are due to face each other on 12 july at UFC 251, where their fight for the championship held by Usman is the main fight for the event.