Matt Brown keeps his options open, ‘might’ retire after the Carlos Condit fight

Matt Brown vs Carlos Condit is a fight that has been in the pipeline for almost 7 years now. Fans will finlly get to see these two veterans taking on each other at the UFC Fight Island 7 on Saturday, January 16th.

Matt Brown

“It’s not out of the picture that this might be my last fight,” Matt Brown believes this fight against Carlos Condit on Saturday at UFC Fight Island 7 could potentially be his last professional fight. He continued, “Once again, I’ll go home and think about it. I have three kids, businesses, that kind of thing. That’s the hard part of life. Fighting is the easy part, to be honest. I miss my kids.”  

At 40 Brown doesn’t want to commit too far ahead. He wants to go home, see his kids, look at where his businesses are at the moment and then access the overall situation and decide the future course of action. “That’s what really gets me down, to be away from my kids all the time. They don’t deserve it.” He further adds that he finds it very hard to stay away from his kids. And that his kids deserve his presence and his time. 

Matt Brown vs Carlos Condit

Carlos Condit Matt Brown

About the fight, Matt Brown says that he is a long time admirer of Carlos Condit. In his own words, “I’ve wanted this fight for a long time,” Brown said. “I’ve always admired him. He was in the WEC before I was in the UFC. I used to watch him and I was a fan, I’ve always been a big fan of his.” Matt Brown even admits to being a fan of the way Carlos Condit fights. He adds, “ On Saturday, I’ll put that aside and fight him, and then I’ll continue to be a fan of his afterwards. I wish nothing but the best for him.”

Carlos Condit is a tough opponent to face for Matt Brown, especially at this late stage of his career. And Carlos Condit, be rest assured, will not go easy on Brown.

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