“We just need to come up with a simple system,” Christian Horner disappointed as Max Verstappen misses out on a championship point

Max Verstappen lost his point for the fastest lap, for breaching track limits.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen dropped one championship point on Sunday, as his fastest lap was erased after the Dutch driver exceeded track limits. Verstappen finished second at the Portugal GP, behind Lewis Hamilton who grabbed his second win of the season.

Max Verstappen came into the pits towards the end, as he aimed to record the fastest lap of the race, which could grant him a point. Although, he did manage to pull off the fastest lap, he exceeded track limits at turn 14, because of which his lap time was erased.

It was a slam dunk for the stewards. It was unfortunate for Max that he did not realize that they changed the track limit rules there from Friday to Saturday, but that’s part of his job,” said Karun Chandhok, F1 pundit.

He needs to know these rules, he needs to know that the stewards are looking at track limits there and that has cost him a Championship point,” he added.

Red Bull team principal suggests a solution for Verstappen’s constant struggles

Christian Horner was disappointed with Max Verstappen’s timing being deleted, and suggested that FIA should look into the matter at the earliest. On Saturday, the Dutch driver missed out on a pole position after breaching track limits once again.

At the moment it’s okay to do it in some places and not in others and it’s confusing for us. So I’m sure it is for the viewers [as well] trying to explain if something is okay or not. We just need to come up with a simple system. Put some gravel there. Then there will be a physical penalty if a car goes off track,” Horner said.

The next race of the season will take place in Spain next week, as Max Verstappen hopes to cut the gap on Lewis Hamilton in the championship battle.

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