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Max Verstappen: No Reason for Lewis Hamilton to Stop Now

Max Verstappen advices Lewis Hamilton

The 2021 Formula 1 season has been intense to say the least, with the title fight boiling down to last race. The Lewis Hamilton vs. Max Verstappen rivalry has been one of the greatest that the community has seen in decades. The last race of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was controversial to say the least, as a last minute decision from FIA meant that Max Verstappen would reign supreme.

The controversy set off an argument between several entities about whether the decision taken would have impacted the result of the race. As Verstappen came out on fresh softs ahead of Hamilton’s worn out tyres, it was clear that the last lap of the race belonged to the Dutchman.

Mercedes launched 2 protests against the decision taken during the race, but both of them were promptly rejected by the FIA. They took the case to the International Court of Appeal, but backed out of it ahead of the ceremony on Thursday. Max Verstappen officially became World Champion on Thursday after receiving the trophy in Paris.

Mercedes are still not pleased with the whole situation, placing emphasis on the poor decision making rather than Max Verstappen being champion. Yet the newly crowned champion does not seem to care much about the situation, saying that Mercedes should accept defeat gratefully.

“No, I don’t feel sorry for Lewis Hamilton, but I Understand”: Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen chasing Lewis Hamilton in the Bahrain GP 2021

Soon after the buzz, there was talk about Hamilton being unsure about returning in the future, with the Brit saying, “we’ll see about next year.” Yet Verstappen seemed to think that such a thing would not happen. Verstappen said he understood and sympathised with the pain that Hamilton faced, especially few days after the race. But he also felt that things like this happen in racing, and one should be able to understand it.

“I think he should just look back at what he has achieved, and that should give him a lot of comfort and that drive to keep on going. He is still trying to challenge for that eighth title, and he can do that again next year, so I don’t see any reason why to give up or stop now,” said Verstappen according to planetf1.

Verstappen went on to say that he did not feel sympathy for the Brit, but could understand his frustration. “No, I don’t feel sorry [for him] but I can understand it can be very painful,” he said. “At the end of the day, that’s racing as well. You just have to keep fighting until the end and you know that in racing anything can happen. He also won a championship like that. I think he can understand as well,” concluded the champion.

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