Melina discusses her rumored WWE return

Former WWE Women’s Champion Melina revealed that the reports of WWE signing her again were false. Melina debunked the rumors of her return.

Melina discussed a WWE return in 2019

In September 2019, there were reports that Melina had signed a new contract with WWE. The WWE Universe expected her to make a return soon. But the reports turned out to be wrong, and Melina debunked them a day later.

The former WWE Women’s Champion recently mentioned that she had discussed a return with WWE. But the plans had to be put on hold, as she had suffered a knee injury.

Everyone made such a big deal out of it. I was in talks with [WWE], but I never signed a contract, there was nothing going on. Just ‘hey would you consider, would you be open?’. I’m like ‘hell yeah’. Well it turned out I have like a bad knee, and I can’t wrestle.”

Melina recently appeared for an interview with Louis Dangoor of WrestleTalk. She clarified that she had never signed a new contract due to a knee injury.

Melina believes WWE might not sign her again

Melina feels WWE won’t sign her again

While the injury prevented her from signing again with WWE, but Melina believes that WWE might never sign her in the future. She mentioned that even if she was completely healthy, WWE still might not have signed her.

“Who knows if I didn’t have a bad knee if they would have signed me? Or you never know, if I had a good knee they wanted to see if I was open to it, but probably not get signed. That’s just the way wrestling is. It’s never a guarantee.”

WWE has been recently signing their established stars again. They brought back MVP after Royal Rumble 2020, and now he prominently features on Raw. Carlito too was brought back for Royal Rumble 2021. Reports suggest that WWE might offer him a contract soon. This shows that WWE is open to bring back their stars. It is unclear that why Melina feels she won’t be brought back.

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