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Mercedes Must Not Blame Others For Their Failed Strategy at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Jan Lammers

As the last lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix saw controversy, Former F1 driver Jan Lammers thinks that Mercedes should not complain about their failed strategy.

Mercedes and RedBull

The 2021 Formula 1 season has been an extremely intense one, with one of the greatest rivalries of all time boiling down to the final race. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix saw the Lewis Hamilton vs. Max Verstappen battle go down to the very last lap, with the Dutch driver reigning supreme after a very hard year. Yet, Mercedes and some others could not wholly agree with the result.

A last lap controversy after the yellow flag was lifted saw Mercedes launch a protest as Max Verstappen came out on fresh softs, ahead of Lewis Hamilton’s only worn out tyres. Since Mercedes did not want to lose track position, they compromised their tyres in the hopes of maintaining it, but all in vain.

Several individuals thought that the last minute decision was on the questionable side, but others seemed to think that Mercedes should not complain about the result, and end the season fair and square. Helmut Marko said that Mercedes were the sore losers in the aftermath of the race, while Christian Horner called it slightly desperate that they launched a protest.

Former Formula 1 driver Jan Lammers also seem to the same, saying that Mercedes should not place the blame of their loss on someone else.

Mercedes Failed to Make a Seemingly Easy Pitstop at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Jan Lammers

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Lammers believed that Mercedes had the opportunity to pit Hamilton, which they did not do as a part of their strategy. He believes that Mercedes could have called Hamilton into the pit stops when the yellow flag was up. This would have potentially changed the situation massively, and the result might have been different.

It was the incorrect decision from Mercedes that cost Hamilton the championship, and no one else should be blamed for it said Lammers. “If you didn’t make the right decisions in those circumstances, as in the case of Mercedes, then you shouldn’t start beating around the bush and accusing others. Then you really just have to put your hand in your own pocket,” he said according to planetf1.

“They chose not to come in, that was their choice. Verstappen was of course in a better situation because he was a bit later. But that doesn’t mean Mercedes didn’t have a choice,” said Lammers. He felt that going into the yellow flag situation, the team still had six corners to make a decision, which they unfortunately failed at doing.

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