Mercedes Technical Director Confesses to Naughty F1 Deed which Toto Wolff did not know

Team’s Mechanical Director, Mike Elliott spoke about how he got away with taking off with a trophy in Barcelona in 2014 which CEO Toto Wolff was still unaware about before the interview

Lewis Hamilton and Mike Elliott
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Lewis Hamilton and Mike Elliott

Having won as many trophies as Team Mercedes, it must be hard to keep a track upon the number. Having said that, Mercedes’ domination on the grid since 2014 has been beyond description. Team’s Mechanical Director, Mike Elliott spoke about how he got away with taking off with a trophy in Barcelona, 2014 which CEO Toto Wolff was still unaware about. As shocking and bizarre it may sound, Elliott spoke about what actually happened.

The team that wins the race sends an individual to claim the constructors’ trophy on the podium next to the players. Elliot had his first chance in Barcelona, 2014, where he took the trophy back with him. In the interview, he also explains the significance of collecting that team trophy. 

Mercedes Technical director Mike Elliott explains the reason behind collecting trophy in Barcelona 

In an interview with Michael McGrath, Elliott talks about joining Mercedes, the team’s quest for the eighth championship title, and talks about how he stole the constructor’s trophy after the team’s win in Barcelona 2014. 

“I went upon 2014 in Barcelona, we had only just started winning. When you know what’s got into it, how much effort loads of people have put into it, it’s kind of an amazing experience.” 

“I was a bit naughty, I nicked off with the trophy, the constructors trophy, I took it home with me. I am not sure Toto knows about that,” he recalled. Well, he does now,” replied the interviewer. 

“Highlight so far is collecting the trophy on behalf of your team. I think it’s a completely humbling experience to stand up and collect that trophy and know that you’ve done that on behalf of the hundreds of people, both in Brackley and in Brixworth,” Mike Elliott explained. 

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