Mesut Ozil will not move to Fenerbahce until Arsenal and Fenerbahce come up with a way to pay his full salary

Fenerbahce and DC United were the two teams that wanted to sign Mesut Ozil but will now be put off with his demands of his exorbitant wages being paid in full in order to secure his services.

The German playmaker has not played for the Gunners the whole of this season and hasn’t featured for the u-23s also, essentially having been frozen out of the club by Mikel Arteta and the club management

Christian Falk of Sport Bild reports that Mesut Ozil wants his full salary paid in the case that he switches to Fenerbahce or any other team in the January window. In the case that Arsenal want to get him off their books, they will have to find an arrangement with the club that is willing to take him on. Arsenal find themselves in an unenviable position as no club will want to pay Mesut Ozil’s wages of £350,000 pounds, meaning that the Premier League side will have to keep him until the summer.

Sending Mesut Ozil away will free up a lot of money for the Gunners- but he seems content to be Arsenal’s Gareth Bale

Just as Gareth Bale was to Real Madrid, Mesut Ozil is playing the role to a perfection with Arsenal as keeps eating into their finances. Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane refused to use Gareth Bale in his team and as in such the latter was simply sitting on the bench not adding any value. He had a sizable wage however and he was being paid to just simply sit on the bench and do nothing. Gareth Bale didn’t see anything wrong with it and was content in sitting on the bench and playing golf in his spare time while collecting a sizable fee as his weekly wages.

Mesut Ozil is now more active on his social media handles than on the pitch for Arsenal as Mikel Arteta has left him out of their Premier League and Europa League squads. While the former keeps droning about his loyalty to the club, the latter has decided to give the club’s youngsters a chance rather than play the German playmaker. Mesut Ozil now collects a massive fee of £350,000 pounds while sitting at home and not even on the bench. In other words Mesut Ozil is now being paid while not even stepping a foot on the pitch itself.

The latest news states that Mesut Ozil will move to any club in this window only if they are able to pay his wages in full. This pandemic era has made clubs sign new players by asking them to take a pay cut (excluding Chelsea). Thiago Alcantara was supposed to sign a contract negotiation with Bayern and earn wages of £312,000 per week. However he was convinced by Liverpool to sign for them and he took a pay cut which will see him earn about £180,000 (plus add-ons), which is a considerable pay cut.

It remains to be seen if any club is willing to take on Mesut Ozil with his wage demands or if Arsenal is ready to finance an arrangement with some other club.

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