MI is a professional team and CSK is a relaxed one: Harbhajan Singh


Former Indian spinner, Harbhajan Singh has expressed his thoughts regarding the two teams he was part of during the 12 seasons of The Indian Premier League. Although, Captain of Chennai Super Kings, MS Dhoni has won the tournament three times and Rohit Sharma, the captain of Mumbai Indians have has lifted the title for four times, Harbhajan thinks that the latter’s team is a relaxed one rather than the MI, who are a bit professional in their approach.

During the Instagram live session, Harbhajan said Rohit Sharma about the atmosphere he has experienced at his current team CSK, which is a relaxed one!

Harbhajan said, “Two teams are completely different. At MI, everything should be perfect practice… meetings. It’s a very professionally-run team. It’s a very good team, I have played 10 years there.”

Harbhajan was the part of MI for 10 years and in 2018, he joined CSK. In the same year, CSK lifted the trophy for the 3rd time.

Harbhajan said, “In the 2 years, I have played for Chennai Super Kings, I have observed it’s a very relaxed team. There are not many meetings. Everything is left to the players. There is not much match pressure at CSK. However, I felt a bit of pressure playing for Mumbai Indians. At MI, there is pressure to win every match which is also good.”

“CSK set-up is a bit relaxed. Until the match-day, we don’t even know whether a match is there or not. Both teams are very good teams. I am lucky enough to play for both the teams. Both are powerful teams. I still miss my teams with Mumbai. What fun it was!” he added.

On the saying of Harbhajan, Rohit replied, “I have also heard Chennai Super Kings have a relaxed atmosphere. But I think there is a balance between the two, maintaining the balance is important. Over the last 2-3 years, we have made sure to maintain the balance winning and losing is part and parcel of the game but at the end of the day, you have to make sure you have to give your 100 percent. We are trying to strike that balance.”

The thirteenth season of IPL is postponed indefinitely because of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The IPL was originally scheduled from 29th March 2020.


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