Miami Heats’ Jimmy Butler surpasses Dwayne Wade in triple-double record

Jimmy Butler registers another triple record surpassing Dwyane Wade in the unique list

Jimmy Butler & Dwayne Wade

The former finalists Miami Heat encountered Houston Rockets earlier today. However, the Miami Heat had the game in their bag. They defeated Houston Rockets 94-101. It was again Jimmy Butler leading the team from the front. He had 27 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists in the game. Even Kelly Olynyk and Bam Adebayo had 13 rebounds each in the game. It was a huge night for the Miami Heat. After which fanatics could not help but compare Jimmy Butler with Heat’s legend Dwayne Wade.

The former finalists have had a rocky season throughout. As we step to the mid-season, a lot of games are still left for the teams to play. The heats are 9th in the Eastern Conference and they need to buckle up faster than ever. The Eastern Conference is a tough tussle between itself. After the Brooklyn Nets trade saga many teams have been looking for an opportunity to bounce back. The Miami Heat secured a much needed win. As Jimmy registered another triple double in the Heats jersey he stepped past legend Dwayne Wade in the same run.

Jimmy Butler to match Dwayne Wade’s footsteps at Miami?

The three-time NBA champion, Dwayne Wade was undoubtedly one of the best players for the franchise. And today his record has been surpassed by Jimmy Butler. Jimmy clinched his 6th triple double this season to notch the 2nd spot just behind LeBron James. LeBron James has 14 triple-doubles in this record. Butler shot 8-18 from the field and also had a three pointer. He is best at drawing fouls and effortless at free-throws.

The way Miami Heat buzzed past teams to reach the finals last year was remarkable. Once again it was Butler who led the team by front. Yet the tale is completely different this year. They 9th in their conference and they need a serious motivation. With an 11-14 record, a lot of winning potential awaits their way. Prospects like Kendrick Nun and Tyler Herro are doing just fine for the franchise. Still a lot is expected from them. Jimmy Butler needs to take charge of scoring buckets.

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