“Hope for him to tuck his tail between his legs,” Michael Chandler vows to crush Charles Oliveira’s title dream at UFC 262

Michael Chandler vows to end the Lightweight title dream of Charles Oliveira and he is already aiming for bigger matches after UFC 262.

Michael Chandler and Charles Oliveira
Michael Chandler and Charles Oliveira

The former three times Bellator champion Michael Chandler is all set to face the number three ranked UFC Lightweight fighter Charles Oliveira at the UFC 262 main event for capturing the vacant UFC Lightweight title.

Michael Chandler made an impact on his debut by knocking out Dan Hooker in the very first round of their fight but Oliveira is on an eight-fight winning streak and holds the record for most submission wins inside the Octagon.

Still, Michael Chandler believes the pressure he’ll be putting on Charles Oliveira is going to be something like he has never faced. In his latest interview with MMA Junkie, Chandler says,

“From the first couple exchanges, don’t let him set the pace, get in his face and quite frankly, I love when a guy comes at me because it puts me in range to land big shots, to land takedowns, get submissions, and do what I need to do because the guy gets overzealous,”

“I’m just as dangerous in all the positions as Charles Oliveira is. It’s not a knock on him. He’s a fast starter. He does tend to fade every now and then, so the good thing is I can keep a good pace for 25 minutes, and that’s the plan,”

Michael Chandler added, “Hope for him to break, hope for him to tuck his tail between his legs, hope for him to give up, but always be prepared for us to see the toughest 25 minutes that Charles Oliveira has ever put together.” {H/T MMA Junkie}

“The stakes are higher. It’s a championship fight. This is a young kid who had a glimmer in his eye 20 years ago from Brazil who thought, ‘Hey, maybe I want to be a UFC champion someday.’ Now he gets his opportunity. It just so happens he’s going to run into a buzzsaw.”

Michael Chandler believes UFC Lightweight title is going to be just beginning

UFC 262: Michael Chandler vs Charles Oliveira
UFC 262: Michael Chandler vs Charles Oliveira

‘Iron’ Michael Chandler is one of those lucky fighters who get the title shot just after winning one match in UFC and he believes this is going to be just the beginning of his reign in the division.

Chandler already eying big matches after this one, he knows very well that if he won the title he will be defending it against the winner of Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier 3.

He added, “I don’t want to make it sound like I’m going to downplay it whatsoever, but I feel like there’s so much more after this fight, I’m never a guy who is going to be complacent. I’m never going to be a guy that’s going to be satisfied. It will feel very, very, very good. I will cry, I’m sure.” {H/T MMA Junkie}

“My wife will be able to be there, finally. My dad will be able to be in my corner. My mom will be there. My coaches will be there. It’ll be nice to be able to share that with them. I’ll enjoy it for a week. I’ll give myself a week.”

Michael Chandler continued, “I just feel like there are so many more big fights that are going to happen at lightweight. There are some fights at welterweight. There are some big, big fights on the horizon. Just got to get the job done May 15, and it will feel absolutely amazing.”

“The road that I took, the practicing of patience, the swallowing of my pride for many, many, many years and being underutilized as one of the best lightweights on the planet – it’s going to feel really, really good. We’ll meet with the UFC brass after. We’ll see what’s next. We probably won’t know until July 10, so we’ll see.” {H/T MMA Junkie}

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