“I think they have faith in me that I’m able to do that,” Michelle Waterson talks about headlining UFC Vegas 26

Michelle Waterson talks about headlining the main event of UFC Vegas 26, and she also had some time to reflect back on her career ahead of this head.

Michelle Waterson
Michelle Waterson

Michelle Waterson came to everyone’s rescue when there was no one to headline the main event of tomorrow against Marina Rodriguez, with names like Donald Cerrone, Neil Magny, Geoff Neil, and others UFC put their faith in The Karate Hottie and she acknowledged their gesture.

Michelle Waterson Angela Hill
Michelle Waterson vs Angela Hill

In a recent interview Waterson said, “It’s great, the last time around, I think what kind of sealed the nail in the coffin is that last time Angela and I—the main event fell through—and they gave us a week to step up to the plate and go five rounds and we did. We ended up going five rounds of war and putting on a great show, closing the show, winning Fight of the Night.”

Waterson said, “I think they have faith in me that I’m able to do that. That I’m strong enough mentally to show up, to make the weight, to do the rounds with the media, and to also show up physically and actually put on a good performance.”

When asked about if she had any problems with the weight cuts, she said, “No stress at all, I’m still able to hydrate with my BODYARMOR, keeping my electrolytes nice and strong, and it’s crazy, my coaches are having to pull me back because I have energy to go and I’m eating and it’s all good. I’m excited to see how I perform not having to deplete myself.”

“I never in a million years imagined even fighting for the UFC,” Michelle Waterson reflects back on her career

The Karate Hottie
The Karate Hottie

Waterson’s journey hasn’t been a cakewalk and she is very grateful for where she is right now, when asked to reflect back on her career she said, “I never in a million years imagined even fighting for the UFC when I first started fighting. It was very taboo to even talk about women fighting. Dana was totally against it, ‘women would never be in the UFC,’ and now he’s all about it because he sees that we are technical, that we are actual fighters, that we can put on a show, we can hit submissions, we can do knockouts, we can go five rounds, we can bring a crowd, we can do all of that.”

She added, “Main eventing for four fights, being able to fight the best of the best, being able to challenge myself, being able to represent mothers all around the world who are getting after it and going after their dreams, it’s been an incredible ride and I guess this is where my perspective has shifted.”

“You know, I am Mom Champ,” said Waterson. “A belt is just a belt. Obviously, it would be amazing to get that put around my waist, but to be able to face my fears, go after my dreams, and still be there for my daughter and allow her to flourish and for her to go after her dreams, that is in essence what Mom Champ is. Being a boss in both arenas.”

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