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“Might be a star but not bigger than my dad”: NBA Fans react to Deuce Tatum hilariously leaving Grant Williams hanging in the locker room

NBA Fans react to Deuce Tatum ignoring Grant Williams by leaving him hanging in the locker room.

Deuce Tatum, Jayson Tatum and Grant Williams

Jayson Tatum’s son Deuce Tatum is already a global celebrity. As fans love to see him around the court with his dad. He trends after every Boston Celtics game doesn’t matter if it’s at TD Garden or on the road. As most of the time, he’s present courtside supporting the Celtics and cheering for his dad. Many believe the little kid thinks he’s on the team as he has access to everywhere the players do and yes even the locker room too. He has many viral moments with the Celtics already registered on the internet like hitting Marcus Smart during an inbound play and also getting some shots during the pre-warmup. He also has a pre-game ritual with his dad. But Deuce Tatum got his most savage moment recently and it was Grant Williams on the receiving end who’ll now be trolled for it forever.

The Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat are going all in and against of each other in order to advance to the NBA Finals as they battle out in the eastern conference finals. The series is as of now tied at 1-1 with the Celtics getting their revenge as they missed Marcus Smart and Al Horford during their first game which they eventually lost. But the squad was back and locked in for the second game and they got the dub to upsetting the Miami Heat. The starters as expected were heated up especially Deuce Tatum’s dad Jayson Tatum who ran the offensive end. But without Grant Williams, the road would have been a bit difficult. As coming off the bench he got the job done but still wasn’t able to get dapped up by Deuce, probably because he failed to earn it and got some beef with the little kid instead.

Deuce Tatum and Jayson Tatum

Grant Williams in the game dropped 19 points and got 4 rebounds while playing some great defense and locking up his rivals. But in the locker room, he was embarrassed after being left hanging by Deuce Tatum who just ignored his heroics and also him. The video clip of Jayson Tatum’s son ignoring Grant Williams stands viral on the internet.

Deuce Tatum

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NBA Fans react to Deuce Tatum ignoring Grant Williams by leaving him hanging

Grant Williams

Grant Williams walked into the locker room and started up dapping his teammates for the win (Jayson Tatum and his son Deuce walked in first dapping everyone up). He even came across Deuce Tatum and offered him a hand to dap up but Deuce Tatum stared straight into his eyes and then ignored him as he walked away (Even Jayson Tatum did the same). To be honest, maybe Deuce Tatum just don’t like Grant Williams like many Milwaukee Bucks fans do.

There are thousands of reactions to offer for the viral clip of Deuce Tatum leaving Grant Williams hanging. As fans troll the player while hyping the kid up. Find some of many such reactions posted by fans on social media platforms here below:

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