“Mike knows one way-Kill” Roy Jones Jr speaks about his upcoming fight with Mike Tyson


Roy Jones Jr (51) is getting his wish of a fight with Mike Tyson (54) after several years. Both are returning back to boxing on September 12 in an eight-round exhibition fight. Besides, the fight has been called S “Frontline  Battle“, on PPV.

Jones has wanted to fight Mike Tyson back from the time they were young. The two were very close to fighting in 2003 but the fight didn’t happen. Soon after that, Mike retired.

Mike has been teasing about a comeback for a while. He is looking in a phenomenal shape. Jones Jr has admitted that he was initially shocked about Tyson’s return. But said he is now excited to get the opportunity to fight him, even if it is 17 years later now.

In conversation with MMA Junkie on Monday, Jones said that he has got his opportunity. “Too hard to resist, too incredible to resist, too much of a blessing to resist.”  “When I won the heavyweight title, I told them the only other person I would fight as a heavyweight was Mike Tyson. If Mike Tyson didn’t want to fight, I was going back down to light heavyweight. From what I got … was that he was through with boxing, he didn’t want to box anymore, so I left and went back to light heavyweight. I didn’t stick around, but to have him come out now and say, ‘OK, I want to come back. Guess what? You wanted it, you get your opportunity.’ I’m like, ‘Yes.’

California State Athletic Commission executive officer Andy Foster has made it clear that the won’t be real. But according to Jones it won’t be any different either. He said he expects Mike to come with the same ruthless energy he used to come with.

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What would be fighting style of Jones Jr?

In the same conversation, Jones said, “The first three rounds, he’s gonna be dangerous. He was like that in his prime. He’s like that now. He’s a guy that can knock you out from Round 1 to Round 12, so in the eighth round he’ll still be dangerous. But if you can get the fatigue factor to set in, then you got a better chance. So for me, I got to try and work off the second half of the fight more so than I work off the first half.”

He continued, “Mike knows one way – kill. That’s all he knows. Destruction and destruction. That’s all he understands, so my mindset is I better be ready when I go in between those ropes. One thing my dad’s taught me, he said, ‘If you’re going to kill a fly, you kill a fly with an ax, not a fly swatter”

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