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Mike Tyson reportedly attacked by a stranger after his match against Roy Jones Jr.

The match between Tyson and Roy Jones took place at STAPLES Center, ending in a draw.

Mike tyson
Roy Jones Jr. (L) and Mike Tyson (R)

Mike Tyson made his much awaited comeback to the boxing ring, after a whopping 15 years; and, boy did he comeback in style! Although, Tyson dominated Roy Jones Jr., the exhibition match was declared a draw. However, there was more drama in store for Mike Tyson after the fight, as he was leaving the STAPLES Center. It is learnt that, Mike Tyson was approached by a random stranger who provoked Tyson asking why he wouldn’t fight him. And, the stranger even went on to swing at Tyson, much to everyone’s awe.

The incident was first reported by TMZ – ‘Mike was leaving Staples Center Saturday night after his bout with Roy — which was called as a draw — and on the way out, he came across a small group of fans looking for autographs.’ [Reported by TMZ] One of the fans,(silly to even call him a fan) is believed to have yelled at Tyson, asking Tyson to fight him. A light hearted and calm Tyson had replied that it wouldn’t end well if it happened. And then that ‘absolute blockhead’ had gone on to swing at Tyson and even reach for something in his pocket, before fleeing the scene.

‘Overzealous fan tried fighting Mike Tyson’ – TMZ on Twitter

Overzealous Fan Tried Fighting Mike Tyson After Roy Jones Jr. Bout“, TMZ tweeted.

Who in the world does that to a man once known as ‘the baddest man on the planet’. The clown probably would have come there looking for clout, but there is a limit for everything. He should be thankful that it wasn’t the Mike of the 80’s, because had it been ‘that’ Mike, the stranger would have been obliterated within seconds.

What do you think of this nasty encounter?

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