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Mikel Arteta says that Chelsea’s Frank Lampard deserves more time at the club

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta speaks out on support of Frank Lampard. He says that Lampard deserves more chances.

Arsenal are slowly turning things around

Frank Lampard is under immense pressure to keep his job after yet another defeat this time to Leicester City in the Premier League. They will be facing Luton Town in the FA Cup next.

Chelsea looked a bit confident after their wins against Morecambe and Fulham, however faltered at the big stage when it mattered the most.

Mikel Arteta speaks out on support of Frank Lampard

Mikel Arteta

Out of all the managers in the league, Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta will know best what it’s like to return to the club you’ve played for and be under a lot of pressure of being sacked. Arteta although unlike Lampard has enjoyed success and silverware with the club.

Despite of that he was under enormous pressure in November and December when Arsenal failed to win at home for over 2 months and many fans demanded him being sacked.

But the Arsenal hierarchy has showed faith in him and since the last six matches Arsenal have gone unbeaten conceding just one goal and scoring 13. They’ve won five of those matches.

Mikel Arteta says that Chelsea's Frank Lampard deserves more time at the club 2

I have known Frank for a few years and I spent some time with him and I would like the club to support him and give him a chance,”

He has huge experience as a player, he is an icon over there. You need time, and something we have not had in this calendar year is time to work on anything.”

I can only talk about what I have experienced … it was full support in difficult times. Fortunately if they see what you are trying to do is going to have rewards in the future, and they are a little bit patient, most of the time it pays off.”

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