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Milkha Singh proud of his Daughter combating COVID 19 as a doctor in New York Hospital

Dr. Mona Milkha Singh, Centre
Dr. Mona Milkha Singh, Centre

On Wednesday, veteran Olympian Mikha Singh said that he is really proud of his daughter Mona Milkha Singh who is working at a hospital in New York, USA. As a Doctor she is performing her duty very well. The former athlete is concerned about his daughter.

Mona Milkha Singh is attending patients in the emergency room (ER) of Metropolitan Hospital in New York, which is worst effected by coronavirus as more than 10000 people died. She has to stabilise patients and perform intubation before sending them to special ward.

“My daughter Mona Milkha Singh is a doctor in New York. We are very proud of her. She speaks to us daily and asks us to take care of ourselves. We are concerned about her but she has to perform her duty,” Singh told PTI.

“We keep asking how she is feeling and if there are any symptoms. I tell her to stay positive and boost her immune system,” said Golfer Jeev Milkha Singh.

America is badly hit by the disease as coronavirus related deaths have exceeded 41000. United States is reporting most number of cases than any other country.