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Minecraft Bane of Arthropods: Uses for the enchantment and how to get it?

The Minecraft bane of Arthropods is a very useful enchantment against arthropods like spiders, bees and silverfish. Here is how to get it and all its features!

Minecraft Bane of Arthropods: All you need to know! (image via. progameguides)

Minecraft Enchantments are incredible powerups that increase the effectiveness and effects of the related items. Here is all that needs to be known about the Bane of Arthropods Enchantment!

Enchantments in Minecraft are magical properties that can be used to strengthen tools, weapons, armor and more. These can be applied through the Enchanting Table or Enchanted books. There are a wide variety of enchantments that give varied effects to the tool it is used on.

Here is one of the them called the Minecraft Bane of Arthropods discussed in full detail!

Minecraft Bane of Arthropods

Minecraft Bane of Arthropods (image via. Reddit)

This is a very niched Enchantment that can only be applied to a Sword or an Axe and is used to kill insect-like mobs in the game.

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What does Bane of Arthropods do in Minecraft?

Enchantments (image via. Sportkeeda)

The Bane of Arthropods is a weapon enchantment that increases the damage to spiders, cave spiders, bees, silverfish and endermites. These are all the insectoid creatures and this enchantment is specifically to defeat them.

Each level of this enchantment adds 2.5 extra damage every hit to these mobs. This enchantment also applies Slowness IV to the mobs hit. This slow duration applies randomly and persists between 1 to 1.5 seconds and increases to 3.5 seconds once at max level.

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Java Version

  • On a Netherite sword at max level Bane of Arthropods (level V) the extra damage is at 20.5 extra health damage.
  • On a Netherite Axe at max level Bane of Arthropods (level V) the extra damage is at 22.5 extra health damage.

Bedrock Edition

  • Netherite Sword with level V Bane of Arthropods deals a total of 21.5 extra health damage.
  • A Netherite Axe with level V Bane of Arthropods deals a total of 20.5 extra health damage.

However players must keep in mind that the Bane of Arthropods, Sharpness, Smite and Cleaving are mutually exclusive.

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