Minecraft Bees: Locations, Uses, Drops and more!

Minecraft Bees
Minecraft Bees: All you need to know!

Minecraft developers introduce new mobs every once in a while to add that extra flavour to the game. Likewise, in an earlier update they added the much awaited Minecraft Bees and we take a look at all their features!

Bees in Minecraft are one of the smallest mobs that appear in the game. They are one of the rare flying mobs and are neutral towards the players until they are attacked or their home is touched. These black and yellow buzzing mobs are very hard working and produce the new material, Honey, in the game.

Down below is an extensive look at the Minecraft Bees and their functions.

Minecraft Bees

Minecraft Bees
Minecraft Bees

Bees are flying neutral mobs in Minecraft that live in bee nests or beehives. They also have a sting to hurt the players if they anger them!

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Locations and Spawn

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Bees are naturally generated inside bee nests which has 3 bees in it when spawned. The bee nests spawn in plains, sunflower plains, flower forests, forests, wooden hills, birch forests, tall birch forest, birch forest hills and tall birch hills biomes.

They can also grow on a birch tree saplings which has flowers near them.

Behaviour and Attacks

Minecraft Bees

Bees are flying mobs that hover around near the ground seeking out flowers or an empty bee nests. The bees will go around in search of flowers during the day and return during night or during thunderstorms.

They can pollinate from flowers, sweet berry bushes, flowering azalea and flowering azalea leaves. They will circle the flower for 30 seconds after which they start to return to the nest. The pollination mark can be seen as changes in particles on their back.

They can also pollinate wheat, potatoes, carrots, beetroots, melon stems, pumpkin stems and berry bushes when they fly over it. This leads to faster growth of the plant. After the bees return to the nest, increases the honey level in the Nest by one. At 5 level the honey can be collected by players.

Wandering bees will look for empty bee nests and a single one houses 3 bees at most. Bees will attack players if they break the bee nests, collect honey or honeycombs. Their attacks comes in swarms and all the bees around gets aggroed. When angered their eyes turn red and they sting the player only once, and dies after a while. They will also live in player made bee hives.

The Sting will poison the player which deals damage over time.


Minecraft Bees

Bees can be bred using flowers by the player which creates baby bees. They also follow the players who hold flowers, flowering azalea and flowering azalea leaves.


Minecraft Bees
Bees in Minecraft
  • Bees will drop 1-3 EXP orbs when killed.
  • Baby bees drop nothing.

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