Minecraft Cauldron: Materials needed, uses and more!

The Minecraft Cauldron is a interesting storage block which can store liquid materials and also powder snow! Here are all the facts for the block in the game.

Minecraft Cauldron
Minecraft Cauldron: All you need to know!

Minecraft items are varied and have a wide range of uses in everyday life or for long term uses. Down below we take a look at how to make a Minecraft Cauldron and its uses.

Minecraft has a wide array of items in the game all of which players can make from scratch. This keeps the game fresh and also gives the players to always do something in the crafting aspects. However, rest assured players can put every one of these items to some use.

Down below we look at the Minecraft Cauldron and all its features.

Minecraft Cauldron

Minecraft Cauldron
Minecraft Cauldron

The Cauldron in Minecraft is a large storage block for liquid materials and can hold water, lava and powder snow.

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They are generally black in color and are found in some villages depending upon the jobsite and generation.

Natural Spawns

Minecraft Cauldron
Minecraft Cauldron
  • Players can find Cauldrons naturally generating in each Swamp hut. In Bedrock edition, these may be filled with some kind of potion.
  • Igloo basements also have a Cauldron filled with water.
  • Woodland Mansions can have cauldrons in few of its rooms.
  • Savanna, Taiga, snowy taiga and Snowy tundra villages can have up to two filled cauldrons in tannery houses.
  • Plains village and desert villages can have a single cauldron in the tannery houses.
  • Java Edition can also have a plains village tannery with almost 3 cauldrons.

Uses for cauldrons

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Cauldrons are storage blocks and therefore players can store certain items in it. The things that they can store are:


Cauldrons can be filled with water using a Bucket. Players can completely fill a Cauldron and then use it later to have portable water.

The Water Bottle fills only on level of water inside a Cauldron. Rain can also slowly fill up a Cauldron. The water in Cauldrons do not freeze in snowy biomes.

Players cannot put fish inside a Cauldron. Players can however, dye water inside a Cauldron to make Dyed Leather Armor. Players can also remove the dye from leather armor, shulker boxes and banners in this.


Cauldrons are also able to hold Lava which stays without burning anything in the vicinity. be careful, as any mob or player who steps inside the cauldron will burn to death!

Powder Snow

This is the only solid material that can be filled inside a cauldron. Snowfall can slowly fill up a Cauldron with powder snow. Players can use a bucket on the full cauldron of powder snow to make a Bucket of powder snow.


Players can only fill the cauldrons with potion in the Bedrock Edition. Players can fill it up by placing glass bottles of potions until the Cauldron is full. Players can also obtain the potion back by taking it up with Glass Bottles.

Any arrow that is shot into the potion cauldron is transformed into a Tipped arrow with the potion effect.

Job Site

A Cauldron in the village can be turned into a profession site by Villagers who will become Leatherworker villagers.

How to make a Minecraft Cauldron?

Minecraft Cauldron
Uses for Cauldron

Players need to collect only Iron Ingots to make a cauldron in Minecraft. The amount is:

  • Iron Ingot x7
Minecraft Cauldron
Recipe Cauldron

After this combine the items in the Crafting Table in the manner shown above to make a Cauldron in Minecraft.

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