Minecraft Championship 17 (MCC 17): Who are the winners of MCC 17?

The Minecraft Championship 17 winner results have been declared and here are the winners and runners-up!

Minecraft Championship 17
Minecraft Championship 17 Winners Orange Ocelotls! (image via. Twitter u/MC Championship)

The Minecraft Championship for the month of September is over and the winners declared. The Orange Ocelots are the undisputed winners of the Minecraft Championship 17 (MCC 17), after a gruesome battle with the Pink Parrots!

This instalment of Minecraft Championship was scheduled a little early in the month of September and MCC 17 wrapped up its battles on 19th September, 2021. 40 streamers had participated in the event with 1 teams of 4 players each. The tournament went on for over 2 hours and the eight mini-games produced a clear winner at the end.

Who won Minecraft Championship 17?

Twitter: MC Championship

The Overall MCC 17 championship was won by Orange Ocelotls with over 23413 total coins tally to their name. The Orange Ocelotls team consisted of the following players:

Minecraft Championship 17
Minecraft Championship 17 Winners Orange Ocelots (image via. Twitter u/MC Championship)
  • Falsesymmetry
  • SB737
  • Grian
  • PeteZahHutt

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The finals were held between team Orange Ocelotls and team Pink Parrots in the game of Dodgebolt. The Pink Parrots were very close behind with 20232 coins to their credit, but the final game of Dodgebolt gave the trophy to the Orange Ocelotls!

Twitter: MC Championship

Although the fan favourites for the win was Pink Parrots according to the Twitter poll, Orange Ocelotls managed to clinch the win!

YouTube: DreamSMP Reloaded

New events and MCC 18

A new event will be launched called the MCC Rising, which will give the played who have never played in a MC Championship a chance! They can stand a chance to win the whole thing and have a chance to go up against the MC Championship teams in a future event! This event is supposed to be held on Sunday 2nd October, 8pm BST.

The MCC 18 is supposed to be held sometime in late October 2021 but the official dates have not been announced yet. Players can keep a watch on MC Championship’s official Twitter for further updates.

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