Minecraft Championship 18 features Halloween themed maps!

The Minecraft Championship 18 will be underway soon and sports a new look on almost all their maps for the upcoming Halloween!

Minecraft Championship 18
Minecraft Championship 18 New Halloween maps and games!

Minecraft Championship 18 is looming above us with the start on 23rd October, 2021 and this time its Halloween themed! It’s the month of October and Halloween is the theme for this month’s MC Championship.

As usual, the games are held by Noxcrew and Smajor and will proceed with 10 teams of 4 members each. There will be a massive battle to reach the top spot throughout all the mini-games and some have been tweaked to suit the spooky season! Maps have got a completely new makeover with new props and Halloween themed items lining the area of the games. It also features some new games, new maps for the mini-games and more!

Minecraft Championship 18: Halloween Edition!

Minecraft Championship 18
Minecraft Championship 18 New theme

Halloween is right around the corner and Minecraft Championship 18 will be underway very soon. The maps and the main MC championship podium is getting a great makeover.

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Minecraft Championship 18
Graveyard decors

It features Gargoyle statues, graveyards, spooky ghosts, chemicals, undead, Pumpkin fields and also candy boxes! Most of these are only for cosmetic effect, but the candy serves a in-game purpose.

Minecraft Championship 18
Minecraft Championship 18 Ghost decors

This is the Trick-or-Treat mini-game which is an additional event that has been added this time. Players will need to collect candies around the map during the off-time between the other minigames, from various NPCs that spawn on the map. The player who collects the most candies will be crowned the honourable title of The Pumpkin King!

Changes to Games and maps

Minecraft Championship 18
Candyland Map for Sky Battle

Minecraft Championship 18 Halloween changes:

YouTube: Noxcrew
  • This time on Halloween Battle box is making a return with the Haunted House Map instead of the regular one.
  • Survival Games will be played on a re-skinned Halloween themed Forest map. Moreover, Coins from kills have been slightly reduced and will be dropped from the sky a airdrops. They will have a Coin Crate every 90 seconds and a total of 5 per game. The drops will be near the central area of the map with a beacon to mark it.
  • Sky Battle will sport a new map called the Candyland.
  • Ace Race will be played on the spooky version of the Cloud map.
  • Grid Runner now has new challenge rooms which are Halloween themed.
  • Parkour Tag gets a new themed Plaza map.
  • Hole in the Wall is is getting the Tentacle Beach map.
  • TGTTOSAWAF is also getting a Halloween themed makeover.
  • Sands of Time will have smaller changes to its decor.
  • Last of all Dodgebolt is now changed to Witchbolt where players can throw spells now while wearing a witch hat!

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