Minecraft Chorus Fruit: Locations, uses and more!

The Minecraft Chorus Fruit is a food item that can exclusively found in the End Dimensions and used in various things. Here are all its features!

Minecraft Chorus Fruit
Minecraft Chorus Fruit: All you need to know! (image via. Minecraft)

The world of Minecraft is vast and so it is item variety and mob drops that the players can encounter. In this article we take a look at the Minecraft Chorus Fruit and all you need to know about it.

Minecraft has a vast world that the players start to encounter just as they enter the game. However, this is only more varied with many new dimensions added and separate biomes. Players can find many exclusive items from these different biomes and dimension which cannot be got anywhere else.

One of them is the Minecraft Chorus Fruit and we learn all about it.

Minecraft Chorus Fruit

Minecraft Chorus Fruit
Minecraft Chorus Fruit (Image via. Reddit)

The Chorus Fruit is a food item that the players can get in The End dimension and can be eaten or cooked. It has a very diverse set of unique features that are completely different from other normal food items.

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Where to find the Chorus Fruit?

Minecraft Chorus Fruit
Chorus Fruits (image via. animoapps)

Players can find the Minecraft Chorus Fruit from the End Dimension islands and can be broken by players from chorus plants.

The End Dimension can be accessed after killing the Ender Dragon in Minecraft.

What are the uses of Chorus Fruits?

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To eat

The Chorus fruit is a food item and thus players can eat it by holding it in their hand and holding “use”.

Eating its restores 4 hunger points and 2.4 hunger saturation. The special feature of this is that players do not need a empty hunger bar to use.


Minecraft Chorus Fruit
End Dimension (image via. minecraft.net)

The Minecraft Chorus Fruit also cause the players to teleport on a solid block anywhere with 8 blocks. Players can get dismounted and get down on the ground if used while flying with an Elytra.

The cooldown for this is 1 second.

To cook

Minecraft Chorus Fruit
Recipe Chorus Fruit

Players can put the Chorus Fruit in the Furnace or the Smoker, with any fuel, to make a Popped Chorus Fruits. These are used in crafting End Rods and Purpur Blocks.

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