Minecraft Cocoa Beans: Locations, uses and more!

The Minecraft Cocoa Beans are a important items for dyeing and making food items and players can all about them right here!

Minecraft Cocoa Beans
Minecraft Cocoa Beans: All you need to know! (Image via. minecraft.net)

Minecraft has a plethora of naturally generated items and vegetation that grow throughout all the dimensions of the game. Here are all about the Minecraft Cocoa Beans and how to find and their particular uses.

Minecraft has a ton of different biomes in the Overworld that vary according to their vegetation and land forms. The weather may also vary according to the biomes. The Jungle biome in the game is one of the most rich in vegetation and various food and edible blocks. They are also a great source of trees and a great source of Cocoa Beans and Melons.

Here is all you need to know about the Minecraft Cocoa Beans.

Minecraft Cocoa Beans

Minecraft Cocoa Beans
Minecraft Cocoa Beans (Image via. seedhunter.blogspot.com)

Cocoa Beans are a food source block and can be found from Cocoa blocks or from Chest. They are mostly found in Jungle biomes.

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Players can identify this block by its green or brown color and its location on the sides of trees and its fruit-like structure.

The primarily location of generation for the Cocoa is in Jungle biomes, where they can found on the sides of trees barks. Players can break them with hand or any tool to get the 2-4 cocoa beans from it.

They can also be found inside Chests in Mineshafts, by fishing in a Jungle and trading with Wandering Traders.

Uses for Cocoa Beans

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Minecraft Cocoa beans can be used for a variety of purposes like:

  • Farming Cocoa pods by placing the seeds on sides of jungle logs, jungle wood, and jungle stripped wood. The growth of the beans takes place in 3 stages, which can be progressed by bone meal.
  • It is an essential Crafting material in many items such as brown bed, brown carpets, brown dyes, brown fireworks, brown stained glass and more.
  • Therefore, the cocoa beans are primarily used as a brown Dye.
  • They can also be used to make the Cookies in Minecraft.
  • It can also be used in a composter to raise the level by 1.

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