Minecraft Cows: How to breed, where to find and more!

One of the most common mobs in the game are the Minecraft Cows and we take a look at their behaviours, food and more!

Minecraft Cows
Minecraft Cows: Breeding, food and more!

The world of Minecraft is varied and has a ton of new things for the players to see and explore. In this article we take a look at Minecraft Cows and all their features!

Minecraft has a wide variety of biomes and animals that roam around the overworld. These mobs are either dangerous or are friendly to the players and help them procure a variety of items. Some mobs are passive and can be domesticated by the players to create a farm and obtain various necessary food and accessory items.

Down below we take a look at all that needs to be know about Minecraft Cows.

Minecraft Cows

Minecraft Cows
Minecraft Cows

Cows are a commonly found passive mob in Minecraft that may provide the players with a variety of raw materials.

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Cows are found commonly in the grassy biomes except in snowy tundra and wooden badlands. Cows can also spawn in villages and in butcher’s houses. The cows roam about in the biomes and do not attack the players.


Minecraft Cows
Minecraft Cows

Cows drop 1-2 Leather when killed and 1-3 Raw Beef. If players set the cow on fire then it drops Cooked Steak.

It also drops 1-3 experience points.

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Players can also be milked using a Empty Bucket and players can get Bucket of Milk. This milk removes any status effects from the players.


Cows are passive mobs and they roam around mooing and eating grass. They do not go near water or high cliffs. When the players attack the cow, the mob flees for a few seconds.


Minecraft Cows
Minecraft Cows

Players can breed cows by feeding them Wheat, which makes them go into love mode. They spawn a baby cow and grant the players experience.

Players can also make a cow follow them by holding a Wheat bundle in hand.


Minecraft Cows

The cow is one color in Minecraft and it is brown and white, which are found everywhere in the world.

However, there is another variant called the Mooshrooms which can only be found in the rare Mushroom biome.

These are all the facts to be known about the Minecraft Cows!

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