Minecraft Donkey: Spawn, Uses, Drops and more!

Minecraft Donkey is a horse-like mob that can be used to transport and carry many items at once. Here are all the features for the land roaming mob!

Minecraft Donkey
Minecraft Donkey: All you need to know!

Minecraft has a ton of useful mobs that the players can uses for food, transport or just as pets. In this article we discuss the Minecraft Donkey and all its features in the game.

The farm animal mobs in Minecraft are varied and include Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Sheep, Goats, Horses and Donkeys. These animals come in handy in various parts of the game and the Donkey is a useful one for transport across long distances.

Down here are all the features of the Minecraft Donkey.

Minecraft Donkey

Minecraft Donkey
Minecraft Donkey

Donkeys are a variant of horse that can be tamed, used as a storage unit or ridden across land. They look like short stubby horse with long ears and a busy tail with a grey coat of fur.

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Spawn and behaviour

Minecraft Donkey

Donkeys spawn in groups of 1-3 in plains biomes and in groups of 1 in savanna biomes. Some of them, 20%, spawn as a foal.

They are passive mobs that do not attack the player when attacked and simply try to run away.

Uses for Donkeys

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Players can ride Donkeys using a Saddle in Minecraft. However, this only works on tamed Donkeys. Players can control it after getting on top with the normal movement keys. Players will see the health bar and the armor bar of the donkey while riding it.

Carrying Items

Players can also equip the Donkeys with Chests to provide with Inventory slots. Items can be stored by right clicking on the donkey. Players can get the chest back by killing the Donkey. But Foals cannot be equipped with a chest.


Players can tame adult Donkeys by mounting it repeatedly by clicking it. After a while hearts float up and the Donkey is tamed. Players can only breed Donkeys if they are tamed.

Breeding and Food

Minecraft Donkey

Players can breed Minecraft Donkey by using golden carrots or golden apples. Feeding them these send them into love mode. They produce a foal and the foal is not tamed when it is born. Players need to tame them when they become adults.

However, when the players breed horses and donkeys will create a mule foal. Mules cannot Breed in Minecraft.

Minecraft Donkey can be fed a variety of food including Sugar, Wheat, Apples, Golden Carrot, Golden Apples and Hay Bales to restores their health.


Minecraft Donkey
Minecraft Donkey

Donkeys will drop these when killed:

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