Minecraft Dragon Egg: How to get the rarest item in the game?

The Minecraft Dragon Egg is a trophy item and the rarest item in the game. Here are the methods to get it and add it to your collection!

Minecraft Dragon Egg
Minecraft Dragon Egg: All you need to know!

Minecraft has many items that the players can collect after finishing the game by defeating the Ender Dragon. One of the rarest items is the Minecraft Dragon Egg and we look at how to get it and its uses!

Collectibles are a part of every game and Minecraft is no exception. After the players finish killing the Ender dragon, which is considered as the last boss of the game, players may find themselves with less things to do. Beside battling the side-boss Wither, players can spend their time building or by collecting rare items in the game.

We take a look at the Minecraft Dragon Egg and how to find it.

Minecraft Dragon Egg

Minecraft Dragon Egg
Minecraft Dragon Egg

The Dragon Egg is primarily a super rare collectible that is used as a decorative block and is dubbed as the rarest item in the game.

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Players can only obtained one of these items in the world in Survival Mode and moreover it generates only once. So if it is destroyed one time, then players cannot get it again in the game world.

How to get a Dragon Egg in Minecraft?

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Players can only obtain the Dragon Egg in the Survival mode and is not available in the Creative mode inventory. Therefore, in either version players need to obtain it.

The Minecraft Dragon Egg is only generated once the player defeats the Enderdragon in Minecraft. After the dragon is defeated, a dragon egg will be generated on top of the exit portal, which leads to the Overworld.

Minecraft Dragon Egg
Defeating the Ender Dragon

Players cannot mine this item with a Pickaxe as doing so will simply teleport it away. Therefore, players have two methods of obtaining it:

  • It can be pushed from the platform by a Piston and it will drop as an item.
  • When destroyed by a explosion, it always drops as an item.

Other than this, the Dragon Egg has not real uses and is simply a trophy item for the players to collect. However, since it is so rare almost every player wants one to display it in their grand collection!

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