Minecraft Drowned: Location, spawns, drops and more!

The Minecraft Drowned is a underwater mob and a variant of the zombie. Here are all the features for this Trident wielding mob!

Minecraft Drowned
Minecraft Drowned: All you need to know! (image via. Minecraft animation wiki)

Minecraft has a wide variety of mobs that the players may encounter while playing the game. Here we discuss about the Minecraft Drowned and all its features in detail.

Minecraft has many mobs that can be found on both land and in deep waters. Aquatic mobs in Minecraft are definitely part of a minority and are only found in the Overworld. This is due to water being only present in that dimension. Among the Aquatic mobs, the Drowned are a special one, as they are the only humanoid aquatic mob in the game.

Here are all the features for Minecraft Drowned in full detail.

Minecraft Drowned

Minecraft Drowned
Minecraft Drowned (image via. Sportskeeda)

These are commonly found underwater mobs that spawn in ocean, rivers and lakes. They are a variant of the Zombie mob and are the only source of Tridents in the game.

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Location and Spawns

They spawn in light levels less than 7 in oceans, rivers and lakes. A Zombie that drowns inside any body of water also transforms into a Drowned. They generally spawn in groups of 2-4.

Ocean Ruins also have Drowned surrounding them which are spawned during the generation.

They can also spawn as a baby variant very rarely.

Behaviour and Attacks

YouTube: Cubey

Minecraft Drowned share their behaviour with Zombies, and are hostile towards the players, iron golems, turtles, turtle eggs, wandering traders and snow golems.

They are melee attackers, but if they are spawned with a Trident, they will employ a ranged attack with the Trident.

Drowned are passive during the daytime and do not attack players that are not inside water.

One fun fact about them is that they are immune to attacks from Guardians and Elder Guardians.

They have a HP of 20 points and 2 Armor points. Their melee attacks on hard mode deal 4.5 health point damage. However, with a Trident in hand, they deal a astounding 16 health point damage in hard mode.

Held Items

Minecraft Drowned
Minecraft Drowned (image via. Game guides – Gamepressure)

The Minecraft Drowned have a chance to spawn with held items and these are:

  • 6% chance of spawning with a trident / 15% for Bedrock
  • 3% chance of spawning with a fishing rod / 0.8% for Bedrock
  • 3% chance of spawning with a Nautilus Shell on the off-hand / 8 % for Bedrock

The Drowned have a chance to drop this Trident when killed and they are the only source of tridents in the game!


Minecraft Drowned
Drowned (image via. Pintrest)

When killed, the Drowned have a chance to drop the following:

  • 5 EXP orbs
  • 0-2 Rotten Flesh
  • 1 Copper Ingot
  • Worn Helmet
  • Tridents, Nautilus Shells and Fishing rods, if spawned while holding them

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