Minecraft Elder Guardian: Locations, Attacks, drops and more!

Minecraft Elder Guardians are the largest aquatic mobs in the game and players can find them in the Ocean Monuments. Here are all the features for the mob!

Minecraft Elder Guardian
Minecraft Elder Guardian: All you need to know!

Minecraft mobs are wide and varied ranging from harmless and helpful creatures to downright hostile mobs that will hunt the players. In this article we discuss the largest aquatic mob, Minecraft Elder Guardian.

Aquatic mobs are varied and some of them are very hostile to the players, like the Guardians. Elder Guardians are a bigger variant of the Guardian and are the biggest aquatic mob in the game. They are found in the Ocean Monuments and have a wide variety of attacks that may even kill the player.

Down below we take a look at the Minecraft Elder Guardian.

Minecraft Elder Guardian

Minecraft Elder Guardian
Minecraft Elder Guardian

The Minecraft Elder Guardian is a bigger and stronger variant of the Guardian mob, which are found in pairs of 3 in Ocean Monuments and is the largest aquatic mob in the game.

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Minecraft Elder Guardian
Ocean Monument

They spawn in ocean monuments and there are only 3 of them in a single monument. They do not respawn and thus there are only a few throughout the world.

Behaviour and Attacks

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Elder guardians are slower and do not swim or run away from players when they approach them. The Eyes of the guardian will follow the players even if they are under the potion of invisibility.

The Elder Guardian has 2 attacks and 1 de-buff that affects the player. These are:

  • The Elder guardian shoots a beam of Laser that deals 8 hearts damage to the player. The beam takes a while to charge and transforms to green when firing. Players can move away during the Charge time to avoid the attack. However, once locked on, the beam cannot be avoided.
  • The Elder Guardian also has natural defense on its body as Thorns. Players or mobs who go too close to the mob will get 2-3 hearts of damage.
  • The Elder Guardian also applies Mining Fatigue III de-buff to the player which decreases the attack speed of the player by 30% and decreases mining speed by almost half. This effect will be applied to the player if they approach within 50 blocks of the Elder Guardians and is unavoidable.

However, Elder Guardians are affected by the Impaling Enchantment.


Minecraft Elder Guardian
Minecraft Elder Guardian

When they are killed they drop:

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