Minecraft Elytra: Locations, Uses and more!

The Minecraft Elytra is a very rare item that allows the player to achieve flight and even have a cool cape! Here are all the features for them!

Minecraft Elytra
Minecraft Elytra: All you need to know!

Minecraft has many items that are rare and often very hard to find in the Survival mode. Here is one such item, the Minecraft Elytra and we learn how to find it, its uses and features!

Minecraft survival is basically a challenge to survive more and more days by collecting, gathering, defeating and conquering! however, to do so players need to make good weapons, armours and accessory items that make life just a bit easier. However, there are some unique items that the players can find only very rarely and a prime example is the Elytra.

Down below we take a look at all the features for the Minecraft Elytra.

Minecraft Elytra

Minecraft Elytra
Minecraft Elytra

Elytra is a very rare set of wings that are only found in the End Ships and can be used to fly by the players!

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Elytras are the only items that can be used to fly in the Survival mode. Players can equip it and jump from a height to reach the skies.

Spawns and Locations

Minecraft Elytra
End Ship Treasure Room

The Minecraft Elytra can be found only in End Cities in End Dimensions after defeating the Ender Dragon. The End Cities have a rare chance of having a End Ship, which will contain the Elytra in a items frame in the Treasure Room.

However, be careful as a Shulker guards the item.

Uses for the Minecraft Elytra

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Players can equip the Elytra in the Chest-plate slot in the player’s inventory. However, they will be customised according to the cape the player is wearing and adopt the designs.

As stated above, the Elytra is a items that the players can use to fly in the skies. Players can achieve this by pressing jump while falling from a height. This will open up the Elytra and the players can control their gliding.

Some Enchantments like the Riptide on Tridents can be used to speed up on a Elytra but only in water. This can also be used in the skies if it is raining.

Players can use Firework Rockets in their hands to speed up in the distance they fired the rockets at.

The longest and smoothest flight can be achieved by pointing the pointer on the horizon and not making an sharp turns.

Players can also Mend damaged Elytras by pacing two Elytras in an Anvil to make one with the durability of the both combined. This can also be achieved through Phantom Membranes found from Phantoms.


Minecraft Elytra
Minecraft Elytra

The following Enchantments can be applied to the Elytra:

  • Unbreaking
  • Mending
  • Curse of Vanishing
  • Curse of Binding

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