Minecraft End City: Locations, how to find, loot and more!

Minecraft End City is the rarest naturally generated structure because of the location and has a chance of containing he exclusive Elytra loot!

Minecraft End City
Minecraft End City: All you need to know!

Minecraft has many mysterious naturally generated structures that can be found in the Overworld or in other dimensions. This article talks about Minecraft End City, which is a mysterious location in the End Dimension and contains amazing loot!

Minecraft structures play a huge role in the overall environment of the game. These buildings in nature can vary and also contain varied loot and even some exclusive mobs and drops. Among the many dimensions, the End is the final dimension that the players visit after defeating the Ender dragon.

The Minecraft End City is a naturally generated structure in this End dimension and is inhabited by a single mob and has possibly one of the best loots in the game.

Minecraft End City

Minecraft End City
Minecraft End City

End Cities are big castle-like structures and are found on the outer islands on the End. They have amazing loot and are inhabited by Shulkers. They have the same colour scheme which is yellow and pink and some exclusive blocks as well.

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They are generally found on the outer islands after the player enters the End Dimension. The spawn is more likely on bigger islands and on the midland and highland biomes.

Structures and buildings

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The End Cities contain many tall towers built on a small base like structure. The bigger the Minecraft End City, the more interconnected towers they will spawn.

The two different types of towers are:

  • Small Towers: Consists of a singular pupur slab spiral staircase and do not contain mobs.
  • Skyscrapers: These are the really tall towers that has many Shulker mobs and has a double spiral purpur slab staircase.

Each tower has many floors and these can vary accordingly:

  • Base Floor: Empty floors at the bottom.
  • Banner Rooms: These have a purple and black banner on the outer side and one Shulker on the roof.
  • Small Rooms: Small rooms with no mobs or loot.
  • Large Rooms: Generally leads to loot rooms and have difficult terrain to pass through.
  • Loot Rooms: These are the topmost rooms and contain two chests and many valuable loot. Players may also find a Ender chest here!

End Ship

Minecraft End City
End Ship

The End Ship is a special structure that can be found floating on one side of the End City. However, this is one of the rarest structures and contains exclusive and epic loot.

Players can find the following loot inside the End Ship:

  • Dragon Head (exclusive loot)
  • Brewing Stands with Instant health potions
  • Loot Chest
  • Elytra (exclusive loot)

Loot in End City Chests

Minecraft End City
Minecraft End City

Players can find many rare loot items, including full diamond armor and even enchanted Diamond armor and weapons and even treasure enchantments!

Some of the notable loot are:

  • Diamond Armors and Weapons
  • Emeralds
  • Diamond Horse Armor
  • Saddles
  • Diamonds

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