Minecraft Enderman: Attacks, Behaviour, drops and more!

The Minecraft Enderman is one of the scariest mobs that the players can encounter and is especially tricky to deal with because of its ability to teleport. Here are all the features for the mob in the game!

Minecraft Enderman
Minecraft Enderman: All you need to know!

The world of Minecraft is as beautiful as it is dangerous and the mobs makes up for a big chunk of it. Here are all the fact about a certain mob called the Minecraft Enderman.

The Enderman is a neutral mob in Minecraft found everywhere, from Overworld to the End Dimensions. They are considered very dangerous when attacking and is one of the most tricky mobs to beat in a fight. They also have a tendency to pick up and carry random blocks around with them although no one knows what they do with it!

Here are all the features for the Minecraft Enderman down below.

Minecraft Enderman

Minecraft Enderman
Minecraft Enderman

The Enderman is a neutral mob that attacks the players when the players looks at it in the eyes. They are found everywhere in the world and players have to defeat them even though it may be inconvenient.

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They spawn in the dark in the Overworld or the Nether and spawn everywhere in the End Dimension. They have a characteristic three blocks tall body which is completely black, with long limbs and deep purple eyes.

Behaviour and Attacks

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Minecraft Enderman are neutral unless the players looks them in the eye or attacks them first. They move around and teleport randomly while in the world and often can be seen carrying blocks. When teleporting, they leave behind a trail of purple particles.

When turning hostile, the Enderman will open its mouth and started shaking and screaming as well as running or teleporting towards the player. The only way to escape an Enderman is either to run away really fast, going out into the sun or entering a body of water.

The Enderman has 20 hearts of health in Hard mode and their attacks deal 5 hearts of damage per swing.


Minecraft Enderman

They drop the following when killed:

  • 0-1 Ender Pearl which is used to make an Eye of Ender
  • 5 EXP orbs
  • Any blocks that may be carrying

How to avoid attacks from Enderman?

Minecraft Enderman
Minecraft Enderman

Players can use these tricks to avoid looking at and getting attacked by the Minecraft Enderman:

  • Standing in a body of water as they cannot enter the water which deals damage to them.
  • Players can dig a two block tunnel and hit the Enderman safely as they cannot enter the tunnel because of their 3 blocks tall height.
  • They can be easily stuck in Cobwebs.
  • Endermen can also be trapped in a Boat by placing one below them.
  • Players can wear a Carved Pumpkin to avoid triggering the Enderman.
  • Players can also look through them using a glass block.

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