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Minecraft Frogs: Newest mob in the Minecraft Wild Update!

The Minecraft Frogs are a newly announced mob in the New Wild Update and here are its features!

Minecraft Frogs

The developers recently announced the Minecraft Wild Update in the Minecraft Live 2021 and it features exciting new changes ad additions to the game. Along with the Allay, Minecraft Frogs are the next new mobs that will be coming to the Wild update and here are all the revealed facts about them!

Mobs in Minecraft give character to the biome they are in and can also drop some useful items for the player. Moreover, they can interact with the players and make up one of the most fun aspects of the game. This is why introduction of new mobs is always a big deal to the player base!

The Minecraft Frogs are the first Cold-blooded creatures to arrive in the game as stated in the Live!

Minecraft Frogs: Features, growth stages and variants

Minecraft Frogs

Minecraft Frogs are the first cold-blooded mobs that will be introduced to the game when the Wild update will be released sometime next year.

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They are quite the cute and small mobs that are amphibious and have a life cycle that allow them to live both on land and in water. They hop around marshy biomes and can spawn near any water source, maybe except ocean biomes.

Growth Stages


Like many of the other mobs in the game, Minecraft Frogs have a Baby stage and an Adult Stage. However, instead of being a miniature frog, the Baby Frogs are called Tadpoles and they are an water exclusive mob. They will swim around in the water and upon maturing into complete frogs, go onto land.

The Frogs are Amphibious and can survive and live on both land and water.

Variants of Frogs

Frogs are one of the only mobs that can change their appearance in accordance to the biomes they spawn in. They all spawn as Tadpoles in the baby stage and have 3 distinct appearances.

Normal Frogs: In normal spawn or plains biomes, Frogs will grow up with a Orange tone to their skin.

Tropical Frogs

Tropical Frogs: These frog are are found in deserts or in Jungle biomes and are white skinned instead of Orange.

Snowy Frogs

Snowy Frogs: The last one spawns in Snowy biomes and has a dark green colored skin.

However, the variants are not only about the colors. Each variant will have something unique for the players, but the details for this are still a mystery.


YouTube: Minuthu
  • Frogs are the first cold-blooded animals in the game.
  • They are exclusive to the Overworld.
  • Frogs will hop on top of Lilypads and Dripleaves. However, they will slide and fall down after hopping on dripleaves.
  • They will eat fireflies with their long sticky tongue.

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