Minecraft Ghast Tear: How to find, uses and more!

The Minecraft Ghast Tear is a uncommon item that is unique to only Ghasts and here are all its uses in the game!

Minecraft Ghast Tear
Minecraft Ghast Tear (image via. wallpapersafari.com)

Minecraft items are used to craft other items in the game using either a combining process or even through manufacturing new items from base items. Here is all you need to know about the Minecraft Ghast Tear.

Items are one of the most important aspects in Minecraft. Players can break any blocks in the game with the right tools and also find items from loot chests and also by defeating monsters. Some items can only be dropped from a specific mob or location. Here are all the features for the Minecraft Ghast Tear.

Minecraft Ghast Tear

Minecraft Ghast Tear
Minecraft Ghast (image via. YouTube: Waifu Simulator 27)

Ghast tears are a unique item that can only be found by killing ghasts and can be used in brewing potions and crafting a few items.

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YouTube: RajCraft

Ghast Tears can only be fund from Ghasts as mentioned above. Ghasts are ghost like flying mobs that are only found in the Nether realm, floating across the biome. Players will need to keep in mind that since they are flying mobs, players cannot possibly kill them with a melee weapon.

They tend to stay at a distance and shoot fireballs at the players, so taking a ranged weapon like a Bow, Crossbow or a Trident. When killed, they will drop 0-1 Ghast tears, which is increased by Looting Enchantment. However, since the Ghasts fly far away, players must be careful that the drop does not fall into Lava pits, which will destroy it.

Uses for Ghast Tear

Minecraft Ghast Tear
Crafting for End Crystal with Ghast Tear (image via. Quora)

This item is very useful in brewing potions like creating the base potion, Mundane Potion and the very important Potion of Regeneration. Both of these only require the Ghast tears as catalysts.

Players can also craft a End Crystal using Ghast Tears, glass and an Eye of the Ender!

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