Minecraft Golden Carrot: How to make, uses and more!

The Minecraft Golden Carrot are one of the best food items in the game and players can take a look down below to look at how to make it and its uses!

Minecraft Golden Carrot
Minecraft Golden Carrot: All you need to know!

Minecraft has many different food items that help in the survival aspect of the game but some are just special. One is the Golden Apple and another is the Minecraft Golden Carrot, which is a rare item and can be hard to find!

Food items in Minecraft are primarily used for restoring health points and increase hunger saturation. They are also used in breeding many of the pets, animals and mobs in the game which produces off springs in return. However, there are some food items that are very rare and serve purposes other than just these.

One of them is the Minecraft Golden Carrot and we take a look at all its features!

Minecraft Golden Carrot

Minecraft Golden Carrot
Minecraft Golden Carrot

The Golden Carrot is a very rare food item that provides the second highest hunger saturation in the game after Suspicious Stew with Dandelion or Blue Orchid.

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The golden Carrot looks like a gold-played carrot and can be put to a variety of uses.


Golden Carrots can be found rarely spawning inside chests in Bastion Remnants or Ruined Portals. Other, than this players need to craft it to obtain it.

However, some master-level farmer villagers may trade 3 Golden Carrots for 3 Emeralds.

How to make a Golden Carrot in Minecraft?

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Players need to obtain two items before they can craft a Golden Carrot from scratch. these are:

  • Gold Nugget x8
  • Carrot x1

Players can make Gold Nuggets from Gold Ingots in the Crafting Table.

Carrots can be found in village chests, village farms or from carrot seeds.

Minecraft Golden Carrot
Recipe Golden Carrot

Combine the two in the Crafting Table in the following manner to make a Golden Carrot in Minecraft.

Uses for Golden Carrots

Minecraft Golden Carrot
Uses for Golden Carrot

Golden carrots are used in the following:


Golden Carrots are an amazing food source for the players and restores 6 hunger points. It also has the highest saturation points in the game at a 14.4 points.

It is said to be the most nutritious food in Minecraft.

Animal Food

Golden Carrots are used to tame horses, donkeys and mules. They are also used to breed horses, donkeys, mules and rabbits.


The Golden Carrot is used to craft a Potion of Night Vision using a Brewing Stand.

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