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Minecraft Lapis Lazulli: Uses, how to find and more!

The Minecraft Lapis Lazulli is a rare mineral ore that is blue in color and is used in enchanting and many more things in the game!

Minecraft Lapis Lazulli: All you need to know! (image via. Sportskeeda)

Minecraft has many blocks that the players can get and find throughout the world. On of the rarer ones are the Minecraft Lapis Lazulli and its uses in the game.


Minecraft blocks are the basic building structures for many of the items that are crafted by the players. Basic blocks can be found scattered in the Overworld, the Nether and the End Dimensions. These blocks enable the players to craft other complex items in the game.

Here is all about the Minecraft Lapis Lazulli and all its features.


Minecraft Lapis Lazulli

Minecraft Lapis Lazulli (image via. Sportskeeda)

The Minecraft Lapis Lazulli is a rare mineral ore block that the players can find in the Overworld and is used in dyeing and enchanting.

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Mineral blocks in the game include some of the main and rare ores that are found underground and are used in the main aspects of the game, such as weapons, armor, crafting and enchanting.

The Lapis Lazulli is a blue ore that can be quite hard to find due to their dispersion throughout the world and rarity. Players can mine them using a stone pickaxe or better and one ore drops 4-9 lapis.

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Players can also get them from villagers as a gift, if they have the Hero of the Village effect on them or from apprentice-level cleric villagers who sell it for emeralds.

They are also found in Chest loots from Mineshafts, Shipwrecks and villages.

Uses for Lapis Lazulli

Minecraft Lapis Lazulli (image via. Custom-cursor)

Lapis Lazulli is a useful item that is used in a variety of purposes:


Players absolutely need Minecraft Lapis Lazulli for Enchanting as the players levels and Lapis are the two fuels needed to enchant items in the enchanting table.

Dyed Items

It can also be used to make blue colored dye and blue colored itemslike beds, carpets, concrete, fireworks, glass and banner patterns.

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