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Minecraft Magma cream: How to make, uses and more!

The Minecraft Magma Creams are used in potion brewing and in crafting a number of items in the game. Here is how to find them!

Minecraft Magma cream: All you need to know! (image via. Nova skin)

Minecraft crafting is an essential feature that the players need to do in order to move forward in the game. We take a look at how to make Minecraft Magma Cream and what are its uses in the game.

Potion Brewing in Minecraft is an elaborate process where players can combine various items to make magical potions. These potions can be used to enhance items and weapons, harm hostile mobs or also have cool effects like invisibility and more. The Magma Cream is a item used in this process.

Down below we look at the complete uses for Minecraft Magma Cream!

Minecraft Magma Cream

Minecraft Magma cream (image via. sportkeeda)

The Magma Cream is a special item that is primarily used in brewing potions in Minecraft. It can also be used to craft certain less important items in the game.

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How to get Magma Cream?

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Magma cream can be obtained in three separate ways and we discuss all of them below!

They are most commonly found from mob loots by killing Magma Cubes. Players can get 0-1 Magma Cream from them. They can also be found in Chests of Bastion Remnants both in the Normal and Treasure room ones.

How to make Magma Cream in Minecraft?

Players need two items to craft a Magma block:

  • Blaze Powder x1
  • Slimeball x1

Blaze Powder can be obtain by killing Blazes and processing the Blaze Rods in the Crafting Tables. Similarly, the slime balls can be found by killing Slimes in the Overworld.

Recipe Magma Cream

Combine the two items in the manner shown above in the Crafting Table to make a Magma Cream.

Uses for Magma Cream

Brewing Potions

They are primarily used in crafting potions in the game. These are as follows:

Mundane Potion

They are necessary in order to craft the base Mundane Potion using a Magma Cream and a Water bottle in the Brewing Stand.

Potion of Fire Resistance

The most important potion made using them, is the Potion of Fire Resistance, which can be crafted by combining one Magma Cream with an Awkward Potion in the Brewing Stand.


Recipe for Magma Block

Magma Cream can be used to craft a Magma block using 4 Magma creams the Crafting Table.

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